Why I'm Not "Big" On Social Media

Alex Carroll
Radio Publicity Expert
Veteran – 1,200+ Radio Interviews

Two reasons ... one professional ... one personal:

1. Professional reason ...

When you build a following of your prospects and clients on someone else’s public platform, you make it easy for poachers and competitors to come along and target and scoop all of your people.

What’s worse ... that’s exactly how the social media companies make a lot of their money: By selling ads to your competitors ... and allowing them to directly target all of your people.

What the big social media companies have done is absolutely genius. They have harnessed the incredible power of aggregating everyone else’s networks of friends, followers and clients ... and used it to generate billions of their OWN advertising revenue. They are exploiting everyone ... and very few people are consciously aware of what’s actually happening.

Building a following and an audience on someone else’s platform ... benefits them far more than it benefits you. There are indeed benefits to you, but just be aware that those benefits are a form of bait to get you into their web so your network can be exploited. The important thing to remember is that the social media companies own the platform (as well as your followers)... and they create and change the rules of engagement on that platform on a whim and at a moment’s notice. You have absolutely no control or final say over how you get to interact with your own people ... and they can (and do) shut your account down in an instant ... for any reason. Horror stories abound.

From a professional perspective, it is MUCH smarter to build your audience on your own platform, rather than someone else’s.

So if you would like to connect with me on a professional level ... it’s best not to contact me through social media ... because it’s unlikely that I will respond to you there. Emailing me directly (and joining my email list) are the ways to connect and stay in touch with me. Simply click the “Contact” tab above to send me an email ... or fill-in the box below to join my email list.

Now on the flip side, I absolutely believe in using the power of social media advertising to target and scoop all of your competitors’ people!

That’s a no-brainer!

So yes, I absolutely have social media pages up, but only because they are necessary in order for me to be able to take advantage of the ad campaigns available ... not because I have any desire to build my own following there for others to poach.

I’m also very well aware (as I talk about in my Radio Publicity training materials) of the opportunities that social media presents to be able to contact radio producers (or anyone else you may wish to get in touch with) and I’m very much a proponent of using social media for this purpose whenever it is appropriate and effective.

So I’m not totally “Anti Social Media.” It has its place and its purpose. And its purpose and place for me may be different than its purpose and place for you. Everyone has a different situation and agenda. I just believe that it’s important to be aware of all of the ramifications and limitations of social media before diving headlong into it and building your whole life, brand or community around it.

2. Personal Reason ...

While it’s certainly true that ubiquitous social media platforms provide a quick and easy way for friends and family members around the world to stay in touch and share pictures, experiences, preferences and discoveries in a group setting ... I personally find them to be impersonal ... and in general, I’m more of a one-on-one kind of a guy. Furthermore, they often (not always, but often) end up devolving into the “shallow, meaningless and trivial” ... which is just simply not who I am.

I regard my inner circle of family and friends as special (I’m a big believer in quality over quantity) ... and when I connect with them ... I connect with them directly and personally. I have conversations of consequence with them ... and I talk about things that matter. And because these connections and conversations are deep and meaningful, they are also usually personal ... and therefore not normally appropriate for a public forum.

For these reasons, at this point in my life I have chosen not to get deeply involved in social media on a personal level.

That doesn’t mean I might not in the future ... and it certainly doesn’t mean I have any judgments towards those who do.

But for now, if you wish to contact me on a personal level, social media is probably about the least effective way to go about it. My phone isn’t even hooked up to it (by choice) ... and I might not see your message for months (no joke). I’m just not present with it ... and at this point, I don’t have any real desire to be. The best bet is always to email me first ... and then coordinate a time for a call. Once again, simply click the “Contact” tab above if you wish to send me an email.

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