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"For over a decade now, we here at Covey-Link have been using Alex Carroll's Radio Publicity Program and database of top radio shows to promote Stephen Covey's books and message.

Our books have made one best-seller list after another and sold millions of copies (25 million to be exact) and our radio campaigns have consistently been one of the main reasons for our success."

Greg Link

Co-Founder: Covey Link Inc.

Dave Farrow

(Dave wears the 'Pharaoh' hat so people remember his last name)

"I am here to tell you that radio REALLY works.

Like nothing else you can imagine.

I have been a guest on over 2,000 radio shows (yes, even more than Alex), and I have generated over $2 Million in sales ... directly from those shows.

On one show alone in San Diego, I made over $170,000.

On ONE show!!!

Over $5,000 per minute!

Can you imagine?!

It's just amazing.

And I'm also here to tell you that Alex's program and database are incredible. I've been using them for the past couple of years and there is nothing like them anywhere. They are one of the best investments you could ever make in yourself and your business."

Dave Farrow

CEO: Farrow Memory
Guinness World Record Holder

Over 100 Million Sold

talk shows

Alex Carroll & Mark Victor Hansen

"Radio interviews have been one of the cornerstones in the massive success of our Chicken Soup books, and there is nobody who has mastered radio publicity more than Alex Carroll.

He is absolutely amazing.

You owe it to yourself to invest in his resources."

Mark Victor Hansen

Co-Creator: "Chicken Soup For The Soul" series

Over 5 Million Sold

"Radio is BY FAR the best medium to get your message out ..."

T. Harv Eker

Bestselling Author: "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind"

Watch this short video clip of Harv talking about how much he loves radio and all the places he's done radio interviews from ...

(1 minute, 51 seconds)

(It's pretty funny :-) ... I even had to "bleep" him he got so carried away :-)

Arielle Ford & Deepak Chopra

"I've known Alex for years.

He is brilliant.

I am blown away by the depth of his radio program. As a publicist, I used to spend thousands per year for resources that don't even come close to what Alex is offering. It's just amazing."

Arielle Ford

Former top publicist

Clients included:

  • Deepak Chopra (whose career she is credited with launching)
  • Wayne Dyer
  • Neale Donald Walsh
  • Marianne Williamson
  • Louise Hay
  • Kenny Loggins
  • ... and many more

Alex Carroll & Brendon Burchard

"Alex is the best at this in the world.

He is brilliant.

His list is unbelievable.

You'll find yourself going from reaching a few people ... to reaching hundreds of thousands and millions of people.

Get his program, follow his formula and get on the radio! I did!"

Brendon Burchard

Bestselling Author: "The Millionaire Messenger", "The Charge" and "The Motivation Manifesto"
Founder: Experts Academy and High Performance Academy

Annette Sym

Australia's #1 Best-Selling Self-Published Author in history

Over 3 Million copies sold

"I'm in Australia, and if you're trying to reach the US market from overseas, radio is the way to go.

I've done hundreds of radio interviews from the comfort of my home.

I was lucky enough to attend one of Alex's presentations and he blew me away.

I strongly recommend Alex's program."

Annette Sym

Bestselling Author: "Symply Too Good To Be True" Health, Weight Loss and Recipe Book series

John Shegerian

"I am the co-founder and CEO of the largest electronic waste recycling company in America.

We do more than $75 Million a year in sales and our clients include names like Best Buy, Panasonic, Toshiba, Sharp, The City of Los Angeles, NBC Universal and thousands more.

I bought Alex Carroll's radio program several years ago and I love it!

Radio interviews are my absolute favorite way to promote my company and our brand image.

I believe in radio so much that I now even have my own radio show. It's called "Green Is Good," and it's the top-rated green radio show in America.

If you want to increase your brand image and promote your company, I can't think of an easier or better way than getting Alex's program and getting on the radio."

John Shegerian

Co-Founder/CEO: Electronic Recyclers International
Radio Host: "Green Is Good"

Tom Antion & Alex Carroll

"I LOVE this guy.

I've personally used his system for years and I've been on over 1,000 radio shows.

You'd be crazy not to take advantage of this. It's amazing!"

Tom Antion

Legendary Speaker (Over 2,700 paid appearances)
"Butt Camp" Founder
Bestselling Author:
"The Ultimate Guide To E-Marketing for Small Business" (Wiley)
Internet Marketing Expert

Kim O'Neill

"Not only have I been a guest on more than 300 radio shows, but I've also been the "psychic in residence" at two of the biggest radio stations in Houston.

My private sessions are thriving, my Boot Camps and teleseminars are usually sold out and I've sold over 170,000 books!

Nothing has done more for my career than the radio shows I've been on.

Alex your radio package is invaluable, brilliant, genius!

There is nothing else like it that allows an entrepreneur to conduct his/her own radio PR campaign.

Thank you for sharing it!"

Kim O'Neill

"How to Talk With Your Angels"
"Discover Your Destiny"
"The Calling: Journey of a Psychic"
"Bond With Your Baby Before Birth"

Gary Gagliardi

"Alex's database is easily the best investment in publicity.

I've paid $5,000 a month to big PR agencies, but the result was usually only a handful of appearances a month on radio shows that no one listens to.

Using Alex Carroll's database and calling shows his way, I've booked hundreds of interviews on some of the biggest shows in the nation.

In terms of resulting book sales, the difference is even more dramatic. I usually didn't sell anything from a small radio show appearance, but I have sold literally hundreds of books from a single appearance on a top radio show.

If you want sales from publicity, do yourself a favor and buy Mr. Carroll's database today."

Gary Gagliardi

America's leading expert on Sun Tzu's "The Art of War"
Corporate trainer & author of a dozen books on strategy
Clearbridge Publishing

Michelle Tennant

"I've been doing PR for 17 years and I've bought radio lists before, but not ones organized by listenership.

I started using Alex's lists in 2006 and I generated a booking for one of our clients in my first 5 outbound calls.

Our client got 16,000 unique visitors to his website, 3000 newsletter registrations, and more than $10,000 in sales - from just one interview.

Wow ... is all I can say.

What a direct hit. The information got me right to the booking producer. You can bet I'll buy my annual updates from Alex."

Michelle Tennant


Adam Christing

"Radio is every comedian and entertainer's best friend, and there's nobody who knows more about getting on the radio than my friend Alex Carroll. I mean NOBODY.

I've had his radio program for years and I've been on at least a hundred shows and generated tens of thousands of dollars in bookings as a result.

Being on the radio is fun ... and it's one of the cheapest and best ways to promote yourself and get gigs."

Adam Christing

Comedian/Entertainer/Speaker (Over 3,000 events)
Magician (Magic Castle member at age 17)
Author: "Comedy Comes Clean"

Clients include:

  • Toyota
  • Ritz-Carlton
  • Disney
  • Apple
  • Caesars
  • Coca-Cola

Dr. Sadie Allison
(In studio at WRIF in Detroit)

Dear Alex,

"I booked 35 shows in just one month, and made over $30,000 promoting my book and web site!

Not only is your database a Golden Treasure, but your "how-to" manual on becoming a radio interview expert taught me what would have taken at least 3 years experience.

Your information is priceless.

Thank you!"

All the best,

Dr. Sadie Allison

Author: "Tickle Your Fancy: A Woman's Guide to Sexual Self-Pleasure"

radio shows, radio publicity, free publicity, radio marketing, free advertising, radio talk shows, radio advertising

Alex Carroll & Dan Poynter

"Alex has been speaking at my workshops for more than 5 years.

I invite him back because there is no one that knows more about promoting yourself on the radio than Alex"

Dan Poynter

Author: The Self-Publishing Manual

Patrick Snow

"After purchasing Alex Carroll's radio publicity package and database of producers, I have done over 350 radio interviews in North America and Europe.

As a result, I have sold close to 100,000 copies of my book and increased my speaking fee dramatically.

If you too, are looking for free publicity, then look no further than Alex Carroll - an investment in his program is well worth every dollar!"

Patrick Snow

Inspirational Speaker
Best-Selling Author:
"Creating Your Own Destiny"

radio shows, radio publicity, free publicity, radio marketing, free advertising, radio talk shows, radio advertising

Pat Wyman

"I have been using Alex's Radio Publicity Program for more than ten years to promote not only my own books, but also to further literacy and help special needs kids.

Using Alex's radio database, I've been a guest on more than 300 radio shows, and sold more than 50,000 copies of my books.

Thank you Alex!"

Pat Wyman

Author & Founder:

George Pappadopoulos

"Dear Alex,

I recently purchased your radio interview database.

Wow, my first show produced $4,210 in book sales. My second show $3,040 and that's only through my 800 number and website. The physical bookstores also went crazy. I had one of my buyers call and ask what happened to spike my sales so quickly.

Amazingly I've only been using your database for less than a week. I can only imagine my results from future shows.

Thank you Alex!

P.S. If I were you, I'd raise my price. This is a steal!"

George Pappadopoulos

Author: "Blackjack's Hidden Secrets"

Dr. Debra Mandel

"It was 7 years ago that I first stumbled across Alex's website and got his Radio Publicity Manual and database of top shows.

And I am so glad I did.

I've since been a guest on over 400 radio shows, and sold more than 35,000 copies of my books. I do lots of TV shows as well ... but nothing beats radio because I don't have to travel!

If you like the idea of reaching millions of people from home ... Alex's Radio Interview Program is the ticket.

Get it ... You'll be glad you did!"

Dr. Debra Mandel

Author: "Dump That Chump" & "Your Boss Is Not Your Mother"

Reecy Aresty

"I met Alex Carroll at Steve Harrison's Publicity Summit and got his Millionaire program.

After listening to all his recorded calls I started calling radio stations in May.

I can report the following successes: Several dozen interviews, including WABC in NY, KNX in LA (twice) and my biggest success, WGN in Chicago ... which resulted in at least 500 book sales and well over $125,000 in commissions and consulting fees.

One sale alone was $30,500, which I just received!

Alex, you're a genius! I can't say it enough;


Reecy Aresty


Alison Armstrong

"Alex Carroll's program changed how I approached radio ... and resulted in over 100 appearances the following year.

To this day, I use the materials that he recommended I develop.

The results are great shows and near 100% return invitations.

Thanks, Alex, for making our radio strategy simple and effective."

Alison Armstrong

Author: "Making Sense of Men" & "Keys to the Kingdom"
Creator: "Celebrating Men," & "Satisfying Women" workshop series

John Kremer & Alex Carroll

"When you decide that you're ready to start dealing with radio stations directly, get Alex's program. His database, CDs of dealing with producers, and examples of actual talk shows will help you to become a radio talk show star."

John Kremer

Author: "1001 Ways to Market Your Books"

Phoenix Gilman

"Dear Alex:

I just started using your list of top radio shows and after doing my very 1st radio interview, I generated an amazing $12,846 in book sales in the first 24 hours!

And, if that was exciting enough, I've now earned $22,698 in two weeks, with more orders coming in daily!

I am forever grateful!"

Sincerest regards,

Phoenix Gilman

Author: "Diet Failure ...The Naked Truth"

Al Parinello

"To say that I know a lot about radio is an understatement.

Not only was I host of my own nationally syndicated radio show for many years ("Your Own Success" - 125 markets), but I also bought a "bottom of the barrel" radio station in Atlantic City (WJSE) and turned it into the highest rated rock station in New Jersey ... and the most "listened to" modern rock station in America.

20 years ago I also authored a book titled, "On The Air, How To Get On Radio & TV Talk Shows & What To Do When You Get There" ... which sold over 50,000 copies.

In the past couple of years I've taken to the other side of the microphone and been a guest on over 100 radio shows promoting my website: PreserveTheAmericanDream.com ... a political and social cause that I am very passionate about.

This year I will be using Alex's database of top radio shows to promote my latest project ... a movie about 9/11 that I've produced called "Clear Blue Tuesday."

Alex's radio program is simply incredible.

And I speak from experience.

Get it ... you'll be glad you did."

Al Parinello

Former Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host
Former Owner: WJSE FM - Atlantic City
Bestselling Author: "On The Air"
Movie Producer: "Clear Blue Tuesday"
Founder: PreserveTheAmericanDream.com

Pat Burgess


"I gotta say, your database is unbelievable. I installed it last night and cannot get over the amount of work and meticulous-ness (is that a word?) that you have put into this. The notes/topics/host bio's is killer!

A deal at twice the price, although grateful for what I paid.

Thank you again for putting this together."

Pat Burgess


Dan Seidman

Post to SPAN list serv

From: Dan Seidman

Subject: Cashing in on the Radio ...

"This is a BIG public thanks (and our group needs to read this) to Alex Carroll who fired me up about doing radio interviews to sell books. I used Alex's package on how to master this selling strategy.

I've done 20 shows in the past week and a half. How good was it? From one 15 minute rock station I've sold 92 books. That's $1,600.00 aside from 2 company speaking engagements that will come of the interview (almost 10 times the $1600.00.)"

Dan Seidman

Author: "The Death of 20th Century Selling: 50 Hilarious Sales Blunders & How You Can Profit From Them"

Dr. Debi Yohn

"I travel the world constantly, but my primary residences are in Shanghai, China ... and Mexico.

I love radio because it's the only media that allows me to reach the US from wherever I happen to be. I've done dozens of radio interviews from all over the world.

I've been a disciple of Alex's for years and he is just the best! I love his program!"

Dr. Debi Yohn


Alex Carroll & Rick Frishman

"I am always sending people to Alex, and if you can't afford (or don't want to spend the money) to hire a big PR firm to promote you, then you should definitely invest in Alex Carroll's radio publicity resources. They are immensely valuable."

Rick Frishman

Former President: Planned TV Arts
Publisher: Morgan James
Author: "Guerrilla Publicity," "Guerrilla Publicity For Writers," "How To Get on Oprah" and the "Author 101" series

Clients have included:

  • President Jimmy Carter
  • Arnold Palmer
  • Stephen King
  • The Duchess of York
  • Howard Stern
  • Caroline Kennedy

Lisa & Ron Beres

"We met Alex at the Publicity Summit in New York several years ago and we had no clue about how to pitch radio.

Man did he ever hand us the keys to the kingdom of radio promotion.

His insight and expertise helped garner us over 200 radio shows and build our message and platform.

Alex's Millionaire radio program is simply incredible. We love it ... and you will too!"

Ron & Lisa Beres

Authors: "Just Green It!"
Founders: "Green Nest"

(The Bereses are very humble and quiet about their numbers and their success, but they have really built a HUGE "green" empire for themselves)

Chuck Smith


I wanted to take the time to thank you for the success I have experienced since ordering your Radio Publicity Course. I am an ex-cop turned real estate millionaire. I studied the course and put it to use right away.

I was interviewed on a local radio station almost immediately and sold $16,000 in products and services. The radio station contact info is priceless.

Your course is priced way too low. I would have paid twice the amount you are asking. I have looked at other publicity courses and not one compares to yours.

Thank you again my friend and may God bless you and yours."

Chuck Smith


ps: Feel free to use my testimonial.

Joel Roberts & Alex Carroll

"Alex presents with us at our Excellence in Media seminars because he is the best at what he does."

Joel Roberts

Media Trainer
Former Afternoon Drive Host:
KABC Radio, Los Angeles

Bill Stoller

"In my 20 years of publicizing businesses, I have NEVER seen such an in-depth collection of hands-on radio publicity tools.

This is truly the keys to the kingdom."

Bill Stoller

Publisher: "Free Publicity - The Newsletter for PR Hungry Businesses


Alex In Studio ...

Alex Carroll in studio at Q104,
New York's classic rock station

Alex Carroll in studio with Rick Dees at KIIS FM in Los Angeles

(One of my first in-studio interviews)

Alex Carroll in studio with Mike Gallagher in New York

Alex Carroll in studio with Ronn Owens at KGO in San Francisco

Alex Carroll in studio with "Big Boy" at Power 106 in Los Angeles

Alex Carroll in studio with Bob & Tom in Indianapolis

Alex Carroll in studio with Eddie & Jobo at B96 in Chicago

Alex Carroll in studio with the infamous "Opie & Anthony" in New York

Alex Carroll in studio at WIBC in Indianapolis with one of his biggest "fans"

Alex Carroll in studio at Hot 97 in New York with Miss Jones

Alex Carroll in studio at WOR in New York with Ron Ananian

Alex Carroll in studio at 96 Rock in Atlanta with The Regular Guys

Alex Carroll in studio with the morning crew at Kiss FM in New York

Alex Carroll in Los Angeles getting out of yet another ticket!


Alex Carroll live on Fox News

Click play to watch the video
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Radio Publicity Expert Alex Carroll

Veteran Guest Of 1,264 Radio Talk Show Interviews ...
Worth Over $4,500,000 In Free Airtime
And $1,526,000 In Direct Sales

And Send Your Sales ... and Influence ... Through The Roof!


Dear Friend,

            Did you know that more than 200 Million American commuters listen to the radio on their way back and forth to work every day... making radio THE MOST POWERFUL BROADCAST MEDIA there is... even more powerful than TV?

             And did you know that YOU can reach those 200 Million commuters easily, without ever leaving home, simply by being a call-in guest on the radio shows that they listen to?  

             You can!

             And did you know that the radio stations that reach those 200 Million commuters need more than 10,000 guests PER DAY so they can fill their shows with interesting and enlightening content... and keep their audiences tuned in and listening?

             If you have something to talk about, they need YOU!

             Can you save people money? Save them time? Make them rich? Tell them an amazing story? Make them laugh? Teach them something new? Get them arguing about a controversial topic? Enrich their lives?

             If so, you can tap into the ever flowing fountain of free radio publicity.

             It's a win-win situation. You give the radio show great programming... they give you great promotion.



Sell & Promote Virtually Anything! ... Your books, events, products, services, coaching program, cause, charity, non-profit, seminar, newsletter, website, campaign etc.

  • You get to advertise for FREE. Radio interviews cost nothing! 

  • You can do radio interviews from any phone, anytime, anywhere

  • You can reach the MASSIVE American market... no matter where in the world you are... with your phone!

  • You'll often get an entire hour or more of free airtime per interview

  • You'll become recognized as the expert on your subject

  • You'll have captive audiences of thousands...  even millions... of listeners

  • Your list of fans, friends and e-mail subscribers could balloon by tens of thousands literally overnight!

  • Your bank account could explode

  • You could become the next household name

            You know those "Chicken Soup For The Soul" guys... Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield? You know how many books they've sold? Well over 100 MILLION! (Gulp!)  When asked what their secret was, they replied, "We did hundreds of telephone interviews with radio stations across the country. Our sales went through the roof!"

Do you know how much this free publicity would cost if you had to pay for it?

            Even an hour on a mediocre station is staggering at $18,000. Never mind the $1.8 Million for an hour on a nationally syndicated how.

            According to a survey by Statistical Research Inc., 96% of the US population listens to the radio at least once a week and 75% listen EVERY DAY ... more than any other media.

            And you know what else? Interview time is worth even more than ad time. Why? Because people pay more attention to the shows than the ads ... and they're much more likely to believe them. Think about it. Which do you pay more attention to? The commercials or the guests?

            So let's do a little role playing here. I want you to really sink your teeth into this concept:

Millions While Soaking In Your Tub!

            Picture yourself relaxing comfortably in your recliner, talking on the phone and telling the listening audience of  750,000 listeners about some of the secrets you are going to share at your seminar next week. Then picture yourself having to turn people away because the fire department won't let any more of your fans cram into the auditorium!

            Or picture yourself soaking in your bathtub as you share tips from your latest book with the listening audience of 1.2 million people ...and lo and behold, a few weeks later your book is perched at the top of the New York Times Bestseller List!

            Or picture yourself snuggled up under the covers. You've just finished breakfast in bed and the sun is streaming through your window as you tell the nationally syndicated audience of  8.7 million people about all the incredible stuff they'll find on your new website.  Later in the day your site's hit-meter tops the 3 million mark!

            Far-fetched fantasies? Not hardly. Every day, more than 10,000 people just like you are reaching millions of listeners from the comfort of their homes. They are making off with a mother lode from the radio publicity gold mine. And you know what the best thing is? The supply is endless!

            Wouldn't you like to join them?



There are four ways 
you can get radio interviews ... 


  Let's examine: 



You Must Target The Big Shows!


             Because there are over 10,000 radio stations in America... and the majority of them don't have enough listeners to fill your garage.

             Not to mention the thousands more internet and satellite radio shows... which are even worse. Most of them don't have enough listeners to fill your closet!

             Remember the 80/20 rule? It applies to radio like everything else. 20% of the stations reach 80% of the people... and those are the shows you want to be on.

             Are you one of those people who's done some radio shows but been disappointed with the results? Believe me, I know exactly how you feel. I've been there. And I'm here to tell you, it is highly unlikely that there was anything wrong with you, or your interview, or your book, or whatever else you were promoting. The PROBLEM, was that you were on a bunch of dinky shows with little or no listeners. And I can assure you, once you start getting on the BIG shows... EVERTHING changes!

             Hi, my name is Alex Carroll. A few years ago I wrote and self-published that little book over there on the right about how to beat unfair speeding tickets. (Click on it if you want to order a copy)

             The back story is that as a courier driver in college, I'd beaten 8 out of 10 speeding tickets (with a few insider tricks I'd learned from a couple of cop buddies), and decided to write a book on how I did it (figuring I could probably sell a few copies).

             Anyway, when I started out, I was broke. In fact, I was worse than broke. I had spent everything I had on getting the book published and printed... and had literally mortgaged all but one of my credit cards in the process.

             Because I had no money, radio interviews were pretty much the only option I had for promoting my book. They were free and I could do them from home.

             I got my first interviews by mortgaging my last credit card and putting an ad in a radio guest resource publication called Radio TV Interview Report (no longer in publication). They came up with a pitch for me, wrote my ad and mailed out the magazine. The calls rolled in. When it was all said and done, 50 radio shows had booked me for an interview. That's right... 50! I thought I was going to be rich overnight!

             Would've been nice... but that's not what happened.

             Of those 50 radio shows... 47 generated 3 orders or less. That's right... 3 orders or less.

             Repeat after me... "Lots of little shows!"


             On the bright side? There were 3 big shows that generated over 200 orders each! And, I got lots of practice on a bunch of little shows... which is a good thing when you're first getting started.

             But from that moment forward, it was clear to me that I needed to target the big shows... and that's precisely what I did.

             And man did it pay off...

             As of the latest count, I've done 1,264 radio interviews, grabbed more than $4,500,000 worth of free radio airtime and raked in  $1,526,000 in direct sales  in the process.

             I have to tell you, this radio thing is really beautiful. Since many of the big radio shows are on the east coast, I often start my morning off doing a morning drive time radio show back east. The phone wakes me up and I do the whole show while lying in bed. Seriously! And what's really funny is that I've done so many of them now, I practically do them in my sleep. In fact, on more than one occasion I can recall rolling over and dozing back off, only to wake up later wondering what exactly I had said.

              OK, maybe I'm making this sound a little too easy. I must confess that the first few interviews I did were a little nerve wracking. Everybody has butterflies. That's why it's a good idea to start out with a few small shows in the beginning. But I'll tell you what, once you get going and start getting on some big shows, those butterflies quickly turn into howls of delight when you check in later in the day and find out that you raked in $5,000 - $10,000 in orders before lunchtime!

             Well, you know how the story goes. Word traveled fast, and more and more people learned of my success. They sought me out wanting advice on their own radio publicity campaigns. It finally dawned on me that I really needed to write a book about that too. I didn't have time to repeat the strategies to everyone who asked, but I really wanted to be able to help everyone that I could.

            So I finally bit the bullet and sat down and hammered it out. It took several months, but I finally finished it. I mapped out all the keys to making real money as a radio show guest. It's a comprehensive, step-by-step, easy-to-read, 8 1/2 x 11 formatted, 177 page manual titled, "The Radio Publicity Manual, How To Get Millions In Free Airtime And Make Millions More Selling Your Stuff."


My Comprehensive, Easy-To-Read, 177 page
"Radio Publicity Manual,"

Tells You How To Get On Huge Radio Shows,

 And How To Turn Your Free Radio Publicity 
Into A Small Fortune

You'll learn:

  • How I often make as much as TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS 
    A MINUTE on the radio... and how YOU CAN TOO! (Page 83)

  • 3 keys to landing interviews on the Super Stations (ones with HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS and EVEN MILLIONS of listeners) (Chapters 6 & 7)

  • How to get booked as a guest even if your topic is boring (Page 28)

  • Insider tricks to leveraging social media (especially Twitter & Linked-In) into getting booked on the monster shows (Pages 101 & 111)

  • 7 reasons why radio publicity is better than TV, hands down (Pages 14-16)

  • Why a station's wattage and market rankings are TOTALLY MEANINGLESS (Pages 18-19)

  • Getting credentials to get you on the air, even if you're a nobody  (Page 60)

  • How to create a press kit that will make producers BEG to have you as a guest on their show ...and why your website's media page is NOT enough. (Chapter 5)

  • How to get the radio station's receptionist to work for you, FREE (Page 138)

  • How to get radio hosts to book you on dozens of other shows (Pages 64-65)

  • 3 secrets to getting invited back as a repeat guest ... over and over again. VIRTUALLY NO ONE DOES THIS (Page 171)

And You'll Also Learn


  • The 2 best days of the week to do interviews and why (Page 115)

  • A foolproof technique for JAMMING the radio station's phone lines... and why they love it so much! (Pages 78-79)

  • A simple gimmick that costs LESS THAN A NICKEL, that can TRIPLE your responses OVERNIGHT (Page 170)

  • Why "Public Affairs" shows are usually A WASTE OF TIME  (Page 93)

  • The ONE SECRET that will get you more radio interviews than ANYTHING ELSE. It's SO SIMPLE and yet SO FEW people do it. (Page 105-106)

  • How to use OTHER PEOPLES PUBLICITY to get YOU booked as the guest (Page 81)

  • A very simple trick to get the host to ask you the questions you want to talk about. It works MORE THAN 95% of the time. (Page 77-78)

  • A clever way to get the radio host to keep promoting you,  WEEKS AFTER YOU'RE GONE (Page 171)

  • The secret to getting your interview scheduled in a PRIME DRIVETIME slot (Page 115-116)

  • Two reasons why taped interviews should be AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS (Page 118)

  • The one thing hosts want from guests MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE. It's not what you might think (Page 141)

  • Three subtle, BUT ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL keys that send listeners SCRAMBLING TO ORDER at the end of your interview
    (Pages 162-164)

  • How to get huge amounts of PERMANENT FREE ADVERTISING on a radio station's website (Page 173-174)

  • How to double the response to your interview by getting the producer to run "ads" for your interview... before it even airs! (Pages 119-120)

  • The secret trick to getting hosts to replay your interview over and over again. This is SO cool! You're gonna LOVE this! (Page 172)

...and much more

             But as comprehensive as the Radio Publicity Manual is... it still wasn't enough.


             Because it doesn't have a list of the big shows in it!

             People called me wanting to know what database I used and what stations I called. They wanted to know where I got the producer's names and how I knew which stations were big and which ones weren't. They wanted to know how I knew which shows to pitch and which ones to leave alone.

             So I went back to work again.

             This wasn't so bad ... it forced me to get my own operation more streamlined. I spent a couple more months compiling and organizing my lists of all the top radio shows in America into an easy-to-use database. Then I added several other helpful items that weren't in there before ... like show descriptions, categories, e-mails, websites, and time zones.

My database of the nation's BIGGEST radio stations

 Enables you to target yourself as a guest to  
the monster radio shows

 Without wasting your precious time on 
USELESS little stations!

Here's What You Get In The Database:

  • You get the names of hosts & producers of EVERY prime time talk show on EVERY major talk station in America with at least 100,000 listeners

  • A total of 1,206  PRIMETIME  talk shows on the top 153 talk stations in America

    • YOU WILL NOT waste your time with "overnight" shows (unless they're syndicated) or "Public Affairs Shows" that run on Sunday mornings before even your rooster gets up.  They're not in here!

  • If a talk station has less than 100,000 listeners you WILL NOT find their shows in my database

  • You will not waste time on dinky little stations in Bend, OR & Booneville, AR

  • You get just the CREAM ... all other radio databases have varying amounts of useless "filler"

  • You get descriptions of ALL talk shows, & many host bio's with the types of guests they want

    • This allows you to target just the shows that are right for you

    • This will save you a fortune in time, wasted phone calls and frustration

    • No one has ever done this before

  • Each talk show is divided into one of 21 categories

    • You get to sort by the category you want: General Interest, News, Sports, Garden, Money, Computers,  Home Improvement, Travel, Food, Legal, Auto, Health, Entertainment, Pets, Outdoors, Real Estate, Psychology, Miscellaneous and several others

    • No one has ever categorized the top radio shows like this before

  • You also get the top 158 music morning shows in America
    (These each have 500,000 listeners or more)

    • Yes... they do guest interviews as well. And they have huge audiences

  • You get the time slots for EVERY show

    • You'll know exactly when producers are available and when to call them

  • The database is current ... It is updated every 6 months

    • This is critical in the high-turnover radio business

And You Also Get ...

  • The total listenership for EACH station based on actual listener numbers

  • Now you'll know exactly how many listeners your interview will reach

    • No more of those meaningless market rankings or station wattage figures that don't tell you squat

    • I am the first to ever provide this information in this format

    • You get a list of EVERY market that EACH station reaches
      ... not just their home city

    • For example: WTAM in Cleveland also reaches Akron, Canton & Youngstown, giving them another 200,000 listeners

    • You will NOT find this data ANYWHERE else

  • You get direct e-mail addresses to the majority of the hosts or producers

    • DO NOT use this for SPAMMING

  • You get the names of the Program Directors, News Directors & Public Affairs Directors

  • You get websites for every station

  • You get addresses, phone numbers, frequencies and formats for every station

  • All syndicated shows are specially flagged ... many have lists of their major affiliates

    • Now you can single out and target the huge syndicated shows

  • And you even get the time zones!

    • Enables you to sort by time zone and maximize your phone call efficiency

These shows reach 10 times more people
 than all other 10,000 stations in the country combined.  


You Won't Find This Data Anywhere Else... 
At Any Price

             Please hear me when I say... this radio database is absolutely positively the most powerful radio database available. I guarantee it. Look, I'm not trying to be arrogant here, but I think I ought to warn you. I've bought, seen and tried all the other radio publicity systems and databases out there ... and nothing else comes close.  

            The rest are all either outdated, or they don't tell you how many listeners the shows have, or they're filled with dinky stations, or they don't give you any descriptions of the shows, or they don't let you sort by topic, or  ...  well, I could go on.  

            That's how this whole thing got created in the first place. I couldn't find what I needed. It didn't exist. I can't begin to tell you how frustrated I got. I couldn't understand why nobody had their act together. Turns out I wasn't the only one, because people have been beating a path to my door ever since.  

            But even the database of all the top shows wasn't enough.

            The question I still got from most people was... "Alex, your database is fantastic, but what exactly is it that you say to these producers that gets you a 70% booking rate?" (I literally get booked on 7 out of every 10 shows that I pitch)

             And so I had to come up with an answer for that too.


My 18 Hour "Radio Publicity Masters Course"...  
Listen In As I Book 77 Interviews In 3 1/2 Weeks!

  • In a recent "interview blitz" I booked a total of 77 radio interviews in just 3 1/2 weeks.

  • I sold almost $50,000 worth of books, direct to listeners, in less than a month. 

  • And during this process, I had my recorder going the whole time. 


What does this mean to you?

You Get To Have Me As Your Own Private Tutor!

  • You get to listen in on the actual phone calls and conversations I had with the producers as I booked  those 77 radio interviews

  • You'll listen to and learn how I get  my interviews booked into the peak drive-time slots, 95% of the time

  • You'll learn exactly how I vary my pitches and hooks between different shows for maximum bookings

  • You'll learn how to talk a producer out a taped interview and into a live one ... and why you'd want to


When you complete this course, you'll know more about getting free radio publicity than most anyone on the planet.


            I created this course for the many people who asked me, "Alex, what exactly do you say to these producers that gets you a 70% booking rate? Is there any way we could listen over your shoulder as you do this?" Well, now you can. 

  • These calls are uncensored, no holds barred, and sometimes raw

  • You'll hear me mumbling under my breath, bitching at operators, singing along to songs while on hold, and "shootin' the shit" with hosts and producers of rock stations

  • Some of the conversations get into colorful language. If you're easily offended, you've been warned.

  • The only thing I've edited out of these calls is the hold time in some cases

  • And in other cases I've left it in because I want you to know how long some of these calls can take

            You'll hear me booking interviews on talk shows and you'll hear me booking interviews on rock stations.

  • I start out with talk shows that I'd not been on before so you'll get the feel for what it's like to start from scratch. There's 12 of those phone call sequences. (Each sequence includes an average of 5 phone calls)

  • Then I move on to talk shows that I have been on before so you'll get the idea of how repeat bookings work. There's 11 of these.

  • Then I move on to the morning drive shows on music stations and do the same thing.  There are 14 that I hadn't been on before and more than 30 that I had.

  • Then I move onto shows that called me (yes this will happen to you too if you're a good guest) and there are another dozen or so of these. Some I had been on before, some I had not.

  • Then finally I go into covering other calls that didn't necessarily result in immediate bookings, but that illustrate other important things that you'll encounter along the path of radio publicity.

  • Each call is preceded by the date and call number and often my commentary on the call to get you up to speed on the history behind it or call your attention to some important aspect of it.

            Now you might be starting to notice something very important here. This involves work. I'm not going to sit here and tell you it doesn't. You've got to be willing to get on the phone, and stay on it. But I'll tell you what, it beats the heck out of all the other "work" I've done.

            For example. It took me 12 phone calls and 3 press kits to get on the Howard Stern show. And when I finally got on, I raked in $600,000 in free airtime and sold $40,000 worth of books in one morning!

            The average person will make one phone call, and if they don't get a call back, they'll say, "I guess they're not interested." WRONG! Radio producers, especially the ones at the big stations that you'll be targeting, are incredibly busy. They don't have time to call you back. You must keep calling them.

            Unless you're a Hollywood Celebrity, DO NOT expect them to call you back. You must be persistent. You'll get on, as long as you don't give up. It takes me an average of 5 phone calls to book an interview. Don't forget that.

            Let me ask you this ...   

            Would you make 12 phone calls and send out 3 press kits to get $600,000 in free airtime and sell $40,000 worth of whatever you're selling? OF COURSE YOU WOULD! That's the attitude you have to approach this with.

            One final note, while I may be a professional radio interview booker, I am not a professional sound engineer. I recorded these phone calls right off my phone line with a basic recorder and they have some hum in the background. It doesn't matter because you can hear everything that is said just fine, and ultimately, that's all that really counts for an educational course.

            This is your chance to listen to a master at work. Nothing like this has ever been created before. In fact, I've never heard of anyone being a guest on 77 radio shows in 3 1/2 weeks before. I'm not bragging. I'm just telling you the truth. I've never come across anybody that's better at this than I. I get invited to speak at marketing seminars all over the country because I am the expert at this.

            So now that you're starting to realize that there's some work involved with this (like there is with anything that's not a scam), I have a question for you...

Want To Be On All The Big Shows...

But Don't Want To Do The Work?

               Well, then I've got some great news for you!

               What if I told you that you could have...

A $10,000 Per Month PR Firm...

Booking You On All The Big Shows...

For Next To Nothing?

               I know it sounds impossible... but it's true... you can.

               Let me explain.

               I have PR Firms all across America using MY Radio Publicity Masters Course CDs to TRAIN THEIR EMPLOYEES (saving themselves a bundle in training costs in the process).

               Do you know who their employees are?

               Kids out of college.

               Do you know much they pay those "kids out of college?"

               $10-15 per hour.

               Do you know how many hours per month that "college kid" is working on your campaign when you hire a big PR Firm?

               20... if you're LUCKY.

               So let's do some simple math here.

               20 hours per month X $15 per hour = $300

               And then they turn around and charge you $5,000 - $10,000? Talk about PROFIT MARGIN!!!

Don't Let Them Ream You Anymore!!!

               Hire your own college kid!!!

               It's easy to do. They're all hungry. Just go down to your local college career department and tell them you've got a part time position and you're looking for a kid who's good on the phone. There's a good chance you might even get one for FREE! They're called INTERNS!

               Then send them home with my CDs just like the PR Firms do.

               One week later you're in business!

               Turn them loose with a phone and my database... and you'll be talking to millions in no time... for peanuts!

               There's only one thing you need to make sure of.  You need to have a recording of you (video or audio) up on the media page of your website... so the radio producer/host can hear what you sound like. Remember, they'll be talking to your college kid instead of you, but they'll still want to hear what you sound like before booking you. Simple. That's it.

               Now here's the best part: YOUR college kid is ONLY working for YOU! Not a half a dozen other clients like they would be if you'd hired a PR Firm.

               And because YOUR KID is working exclusively with my database of JUST the BIG SHOWS... that's what you're going to get booked on... JUST the BIG SHOWS!

               Whereas when you hire a PR Firm, they always have that temptation to "pad their performance" and book you on a bunch of smaller shows (which they can do easily by sending out an e-mail blast) to make it "feel" like they're working hard for you... when they're really not doing jack.

               And if you're really smart, and you really want to motivate your kid to get you on lots of big shows, you'll pay them their $10-$15 hourly wage, AND you'll offer them a $50 "booking bonus" (or whatever amount you want to give them) for each big show they book you on.

               If you already have employees you could just use one of them, or perhaps someone in your family might like to help you as well... or maybe even one of your fans! It doesn't matter who they are really... just get someone!

               Many of my clients are already doing this and singing my praises all the way to the bank. I have saved countless people tens of thousands of dollars that they would have otherwise wasted on a PR Firm.

                If you're smart... you'll follow in their footsteps.

 So here's the deal...


Three different Radio Publicity Packages 
for you to choose from:


  • The "Millionaire Package" is $997. (My most popular program)

  • The "Advanced Package" is $397.

  • The "Radio Publicity Manual" is $49.


Depending on which package you choose to invest in, you'll also receive a total of up to 10 bonuses: Absolutely FREE!  

Here's Your 10 FREE Bonuses... 
(Total Value of $1,035) 

 Free Bonus #1 

A free list of the Top 20 Radio Show Topics ... $29 Value 
(Free with all 3 packages)

  • From health, family and relationships to money, jobs and politics... and everything in between

  • Get a pulse on what radio producers and hosts are looking for right now

  • Use these to angle your pitch to an already hot topic

  • Increase your chances of getting booked enormously ...
     Extremely valuable resource

Free Bonus #2

 A free Radio Demographic Profile ... $29 Value  
(Free with all 3 packages)

  • Tells you who listens to what radio formats

  • Gives exact percentages for each age group

  • Details specific audience numbers for each format

  • Allows you to directly target your perfect audience

Free Bonus #3

A free copy of my own personal press kit ... $99 Value  
(Free with the Advanced & Millionaire packages)

  • While not an attempt to brag, this is probably the most successful press kit in history

  • "You may think that the media page on your website is enough ... and that physical press kits aren't important anymore. But they're actually MORE CRITICAL than ever ... and I reveal the suprising reason why in my Radio Publicity Manual."

  • It has netted me 1,264 interviews so far ... I know of no other press kit with that kind of track record

  • Use it as a model to create your own compelling kit

  • Did you know that top PR Firms will charge you $2,500 to create a press kit for you? They sure will! And it WON'T be as good as the one I'm going to send you to model from.

  • Countless producers have asked me: "Why can't other people do press kits like this one?"

  • The more I see of other press kits, the more I agree with them

  • Most press kits are scattered, drab, boring, unclear, difficult to read, and completely ignorant of the producer's needs

  • My press kit is your blueprint for success ... You've never seen anything like it

Free Bonus #4

 A free 60 minute CD of  my radio interviews ... $49 Value 
(Free with the Advanced & Millionaire packages)

  • Hear me in action... there is no substitute for actually listening to my live interviews

  • Learn how I dodge questions I don't want to answer ...and how you can too

  • Learn how I handle listener calls... especially when they get adversarial... and how you can do the same

  • Understand "sound bytes" and their importance, first hand

  • Follow my compelling closes that send listeners scrambling to order... and learn how you can be an expert "closer" too

Free Bonus #5 

A free database update... $99 Value  
(Free with the Millionaire package ONLY)

  • You may not know this, but the radio industry has one of the highest turnover rates of any business

  • When I update my database every 6 months, fully one third of the stations have had a personnel change

  • I don't need to tell you how frustrating it is to deal with old data

  • With this free update, you'll stay current for an entire year

Free Bonus #6

A free 30 minute phone consultation... $250 Value 
(Free with the Millionaire package ONLY)

  • As you go through my material, take notes and write down any questions you may have

  • When you're done, call me and schedule your free consultation

  • I'll be able to answer your questions and give you specific insights into your project

  • My time is the most valuable thing I can give you ... I am the expert at this

  • Use this time wisely ... Have your questions prepared and your recorder running

Free Bonus #7

Free: My entire library of Expert Interviews... $297 Value  
(Free with the Millionaire package ONLY)

More than 30 hours (MP3 format) of me interviewing the smartest people in publicity and marketing... an absolute wealth of priceless information

You'll hear people like:

  • Joel Roberts: Former #1 rated afternoon drive host on KABC Radio in Los Angeles... turned world's most amazing media trainer. This guy is absolutely incredible. The two interviews (3 hours worth), that I did with him are worth the price of my whole entire program... and I'm NOT kidding. You will be WOWED.

  • Arielle Ford: This woman is extraordinary. She is credited with launching Deepak Chopra's career... and her client list includes names like Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsh, Marianne Williamson, Louise Hay, Kenny Loggins etc. My interview with her is amazing. If your topic falls into the category of the above authors... you simply MUST listen to it.

  • Brendon Burchard: This kid is one of the most brilliant minds ever ... and my interview with him is riveting. He reveals some incredible stuff he's never shared before ... and it will leave your head spinning!

  • And many more including Rick Frishman, Tom Antion, Dan Poynter, Steve Harrison, Dan Janal, Joan Stewart, John Kremer... etc.

Free Bonus #8

ALL of my Fill-In-The-Blank Show Pitch Formulas... $99 Value 
(Free with the Millionaire package ONLY)

  • Yes, it's true... you can join my mailing list and get these incredible formulas absolutely free... one at a time

  • But I only send out one of them per week to my free subscribers

  • These formulas are THE KEY to creating a great show pitch... which you MUST have if you want to get booked on shows.

  • When you make the investment in the Millionaire Package, you get ALL of them, IMMEDIATELY!

  • Don't wait for a year on a weekly drip system... get all the tools you need to succeed, NOW!

Free Bonus #9

A Physical Hard Copy of my "Radio Publicity Manual" ... $69 Value
Free with the Millionaire package ONLY)

  • Take it to the beach!

  • Or just out by the pool...

  • Spiral bound so it lays flat

  • Highlight it, dog-ear it... and put sticky notes all over it! (Most people do because it's so PACKED with information)

  • No need to spend half an hour printing out 177 pages on your deskjet ... not to mention $30 on an ink cartridge. I do it for you! ... Not a fan of e-books? - This will make you VERY HAPPY! (Don't worry ... you still get the e-book too!)

    Free Bonus #10

FREE SHIPPING (US Only)($15 value)
Free with the Millionaire package ONLY)


               You really can't afford NOT to invest in one of these Radio Publicity Machines. The nominal investment is peanuts compared to the money you'd blow on advertising, marketing and promotions otherwise. Here's a case in point:


$200 Million Empire! 

Maybe you've heard of the late Charles Givens. When he first started offering his money strategy seminars, he spent $15,000 on advertising and 17 people signed up. Then he decided to try free publicity instead. During his first interview, he mentioned that he would be lecturing the next day on investing, buying real estate, reducing taxes and getting rich. The following day, 500 people showed up. Charles Givens' empire eventually balloned to be worth an estimated $200 Million.


            My friend, I implore you ... STOP wasting money on something you can get for free!

            You owe it to yourself to take advantage of this. If you're like me and you set this aside, you'll end up forgetting about it. Don't Do That!

            Take Action Now!  

            We're talking about a real life, nuts and bolts, time tested, fool-proof free publicity machine here. I didn't just dream this up last week. Not even close. The last time I sat down and did a count, I had done a total of 1,264 radio interviews. Sometimes I think about that and I wonder to myself ... "That's incredible! Have I really done that many interviews?" And then I check the logbook just to make sure I'm not hallucinating. Sure enough, 1,264 interviews. Over $4.5 Million in free airtime. Over $1.5 Million in sales. And what really amazes me is just how easy it was ... and how all these shows kept calling me back, again and again, to talk about the same topic, OVER and OVER! I thought for sure they'd get tired of hearing about how to beat speeding tickets. But I soon realized that as long as I kept their audiences happy and engaged ... they didn't care!

Money Back Guarantee


            Look, you could go on buying advertising and flushing your hard-earned cash down the toilet. You could keep wasting king's ransoms on PR Firms and internet marketing schemes of all kinds that change the minute you start to implement them. You could throw more money down a rat hole and send out a blast to thousands of producers... and then waste hours of precious time doing interviews on dinky little stations.

            But why put yourself through that?

            Why would you want to do that when you can get literally millions of dollars of FREE publicity, on HUGE radio stations, so easily!

            Let me just say this ...

            If you decide this free publicity machine is not worth at least ten times what you paid for it...

            Send it back for a refund!

            The nominal investment is so small it's almost laughable.

            Think about it. You do just one interview, on even a mediocre radio show, for only a half hour, and you'll get Nine Thousand Dollars worth of free airtime.

            Let me repeat that.

            One Interview... On A Mediocre Show... For Only 30 Minutes

            It doesn't take a rocket scientist to do the math ...

            Your investment will pay for itself in the first 5 minutes of your very first  interview ... even if you're investing $997 in the Millionaire Package!

            I don't know what else to tell you except to say that a wise man once said, "If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always got."

            Well, if you're tired of "getting what you've always got," and you're ready to take your income and your influence to the next level, then now is the time to invest in yourself and your future and get one of my radio publicity programs.

            They're all incredible, but if you can swing it, I strongly encourage you to choose my Millionaire Package ... it is by far the best value and the most comprehensive. You can even choose the 3-payment program if your cash flow is tight. You'll find the form below.

            If you have any questions whatsoever, e-mail or call! I actually answer my own phone! Here's my contact info:

E-mail: Alex@RadioPublicity.com
Phone: 877-733-3888

  Talk soon,
DO NOT call about your ticket. I am not an attorney and cannot legally give you advice. 
Alex Carroll

Yes, I Want To Cash In 
On The Free Radio Publicity Gold Mine!

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Option #1: The Millionaire Package ... $997

             Wow Alex, you are really amazing! You actually booked 77 radio interviews in 3 1/2 weeks? And made almost $50,000? And I actually get to listen to you doing it? Incredible. You know, it's one thing for you to explain how you did it ... but to have recorded it all so that I could actually hear exactly how you are doing it ... that's like having you as my own private tutor!

             And I can also use your recordings to train someone else to do it all for me, for a fraction of what I'd pay a PR Firm! Where have you been all of my life!

             And I get the database of all the biggest shows, and your 177 page Radio Publicity Manual, and your press kit (so I have something to model mine after) and your entire library of expert interviews, and all of your show pitch formulas, and the 30 minute consultation so that I can pick your brain, and all the other freebies! Wow! I'm no rocket scientist, but I can definitely see how this thing is going to pay for itself with my very first interview.

             Not to mention the fact that I read all those incredible testimonials from all those people who've been using your program for years and made and reached millions! Even Stephen Covey! Amazing!

             And the fact that you offer a money back guarantee tells me that you really stand behind your products. I'm serious and I'm ready. Send me the Millionaire package!




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The Millionaire Package

(total value of $2,532)


  • The 18 hour Radio Publicity Masters Course. The most powerful tool in my radio publicity arsenal. You (or your intern/employee) get to listen in to the actual phone calls and conversations I had with producers as I booked a total of 77 interviews in just 25 days. No theory, no hypothetical guesses. 18 hours of REAL phone calls and REAL results. There is no other tool like this in existence. Train yourself... or train your intern/employee and have them call and book you on shows for a fraction of what you'd pay a PR Firm. ($497 Value)

  • The most comprehensive database of top radio shows ever compiled... 1,364 shows on the top 306 stations in America, sorted into 21 categories. Descriptions, hosts, producers, contact info & exact audience numbers for all shows.  ($397 Value)

  • My instantly accessible, comprehensive, easy-to-read, 177 page "Radio Publicity Manual" E-book  ($49 Value)

And All 10 FREE Bonuses

  • My complete collection of "Fill-In-The-Blank Show Pitch Formulas"... The Key to creating a great show pitch. ($99 Value)

  • My entire library of Expert Interviews. More than 30 hours (MP3 Format) of me interviewing the smartest people in publicity & marketing. A wealth of priceless information ($297 Value)

  • A 30 minute phone consultation with me. Ask me anything you want. Get specific insights for your campaign. ($250 Value)

  • An actual physical copy of my own press kit... perhaps the most successful kit ever. Use it as a model to create your own attention grabbing press kit. ($99 Value)

  • A 60 minute audio of my live radio interviews. Hear me in action and learn how I handle callers. Follow my compelling closes that send people scrambling to order... so you can do the same ($49 Value)

  • A free database update ... I do these every 6 months to keep your names and data accurate and up to date ($99 Value)

  • A spiral bound physical hard copy of my 177 page Radio Publicity Manual. Don't like e-books? Take this to the beach, pool or wherever... and highlight it, dog-ear it and read it in comfort. ($69 Value)

  • The List of the Top 20 Radio Show Topics ... tells you what's hot and what's not so you can target your pitch to the hottest topics. ($29 Value)

  • The Radio Demographic Profile ... tells you who listens to what formats so you can target your message to the perfect audience. ($29 Value)

  • FREE SHIPPING! ($15 value)

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Option #2: The Advanced Package ... $397

            Alex, you obviously know your stuff. And not only that, you actually practice what you preach. How refreshing. I really like the idea of doing radio interviews while lying in bed. And I don't want to mess around with all those little Podunk shows out there. I'm ready for the big time. Here's my $397. Send me the Advanced package.

            I understand that the Advanced Package does include your database of all the top radio shows, but it does not include your Radio Publicity Masters Course (the 18 hours on CD of you calling and booking yourself on 77 radio shows), or the free database update, or the 30 minute one-on-one phone consultation with you, or your library of publicity expert interviews or your complete collection of fill-in-the-blank show pitch formulas. I know that if want all those goodies I need to invest in your Millionaire Package instead.



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Package    $397

The Advanced Package

(total value of $652)


  • My instantly accessible, comprehensive, easy-to-read, 
    177 page "Radio Publicity Manual" E-book  ($49 Value)

  • The most comprehensive database of top radio shows ever compiled ... 1,364 shows on the 306 top stations in America, sorted into 21 categories. Complete with descriptions, hosts, producers, contact info & exact audience numbers for all shows.  ($397 Value)    

Plus 4 FREE Bonuses  

  • A copy of my press kit...perhaps the most successful kit ever. Use it as a model to create your own attention grabbing press kit. ($99 Value)

  • A 60 minute audio of my live radio interviews. Hear me in action and learn how I handle callers. Follow my compelling closes that send people scrambling to order... so you can do the same ($49 Value)

  • The List of the Top 20 Radio Show Topics ... tells you what's hot and what's not so you can target your pitch to the hottest topics. ($29 Value)

  • The Radio Demographic Profile ... tells you who listens to what formats so you can target your message to the perfect audience. ($29 Value)

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Option #3 : The Radio Publicity Manual ... $49

            Alex, this radio thing sounds really good, but I'm not quite ready to get your Millionaire Package just yet. I'd like to start out by ordering your 177 page Radio Publicity Manual for only $49 and we'll take it from there.

             I understand that it is a digitally delivered, PDF formatted e-book that I will have access to instantly, and that I'll need Adobe Acrobat  Reader to read it. Hard copies are also available for $69 + $10 shipping if I prefer. I can download Acrobat Reader, free, at www.adobe.com.

             I understand that the Radio Publicity Manual tells me EVERYTHING I need to know about how to get booked on all the top radio shows... but that it DOES NOT INCLUDE the actual database of all the top radio shows themselves. I need to invest in either the Advanced or Millionaire Packages if I want to get the database of all the top radio shows and all of the other goodies as well.



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Radio Publicity

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Radio Publicity
Hard Copy
$69 + $10 Shipping

The Radio Publicity Manual

(total value of $107) 


  • The ONE SECRET that will get you more radio interviews than ANYTHING ELSE. It's SO SIMPLE and yet SO FEW people do it. (Page 105-106)

  • How to use OTHER PEOPLES PUBLICITY to get YOU booked as the guest (Page 81)

  • A simple gimmick that costs LESS THAN A NICKEL, that TRIPLES your responses OVERNIGHT (Page 170)

  • A clever way to get the radio host to keep promoting you, WEEKS AFTER YOU'RE GONE (Page 171)

  • The secret to getting your interview scheduled in a PRIME DRIVETIME slot (Page 115-116)

  • How to get booked as a guest even if your topic is boring (Page 28)

  • Getting credentials to get you on the air, even if you're a nobody (Page 60)

  •   Three subtle, BUT ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL keys that send listeners SCRAMBLING TO ORDER at the end of your interview (Pages 162-164)

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